New Delhi: Reliance Jio has announced JioFiber data vouchers with up to 2,000GB additional data with a price ranging from Rs 101 to Rs 4,001, stated a report. However, these additional data vouchers, which can be used after exhausting the particular monthly data allocation, does not have any validity benefits.

Jio Subscribers can get these new new data vouchers by logging on through MyJio app or via the official website of the telecom operator. JioFiber consumers purchasing data vouchers of Rs 101,  Rs 251, Rs 501, Rs 1,001 and Rs 2,001 will receive additional data of 20GB, 55GB, 125GB, 275GB and 650GB respectively to their existing account. Notably, consumers will receive an additional data benefit of 2,000GB on the purchase of data voucher of Rs 4,001.

A report claimed that Reliance Jio is known for providing high-speed internet starting from100Mbps to 1Gbps. However, some of the subscribers were not happy with the internet speed.

Here are the top three Twitter reactions on JioFiber’s speed limit:

A Twitter user named Santosh Agrawal tweeted, “@JioCare subscribed to your paid Diamond Plan on JioFiber. But still not getting more than 30-40 Mbps speed. Set top box also still not provided.” While another user tweeted,”It seems Jio’s set top box features too have nothing to write to home about, as this video review reveals. Double whammy after upload speed throttle at one tenth.#JioFiber is a heap big disappointment on all counts.”

Another user @RevAkshay tweeted, “I specifically took JioFiber for the 100Mbps Upload only. They deployed Fiber to push 1/10 Speed? Who is fool? Customers or JioFiber’s Core Team? Because, they could have done the same on Ethernet/RJ14/Cable Wires.”

Note that Reliance has also announced a JioFiber weekly (7 days validity) prepaid broadband plan priced at Rs 199. The cost of the plan inclusive of GST and other charges is Rs 234.82. Some if the benefits of this plan includes unlimited local and national calling and unlimited data downloads at a speed of 100Mbps.