Reliance Jio is all set to break records. The latest entrant in the 4G provider, Reliance has managed to win over three times the user base of competitors. Reliance Jio recently took to social media platforms to share their success rate and according to their tweet, they are now over 50 million subscribers strong. A huge number considering Reliance Jio is only a couple of months old in the country and has already been facing a lot of competition and flak for it’s glitch-laden network from other telecom operators. However, in terms of numbers, the brand is clearly ahead of everyone else and has managed to achieve great targets in terms of numbers. Launched on September 5th, Reliance saw interest among Indians from day one and serpentine queues outside the Reliance outlets. Also Read - Jio Phone 2021 Offer: 2 Years of Unlimited Calls And 2GB Data Per Month at Just Rs 1,999. Details Here

But then, was the interest of subscribers purely to test out 4G? Reliance Jio wasn’t the first 4G operator in the country. There was Airtel already in the 4G sector and getting quite  a bit of popularity through their Airtel 4G advertisements. No. Clearly, the reason Reliance Jio saw the latrge number of subscribers was more to do with their free schemes. We Indians love everything free and are great lovers of sales and discounts. So when Mukehs Ambani announced the new Welcome Offer, under which calling using Reliance Jio SIM cards would be free till 31st December (calling, internet as well as messaging), Indians pounced on it. The free tag got to most and they simply wished to have the SIM. While newer plans have already been announced by Reliance and Airtel and the others are close to the pricing in terms of competition, the free offer was what attracted most to Reliance Jio. Also Read - Bharti Airtel Ties up With Qualcomm to Launch High-Speed 5G Internet Service in India

Thus, the claims of Reliance Jio quickly expanding to a user base of 50 mn subscribers is definitely believable. If believed, then according to numbers, there have been over 1000 Jio activations per minute and a massive 6 lakh customers per day. That is triple the number of other subscribers. While Reliance took just 83 days to achieve the mark, it took Airtel a whopping 12 years to reach 50 million subscribers and Vodafone and Idea too longer at 13 years each to reach the user base. From 16 million users in the first month to 50 million users in less than 3 months – the numbers definitely sound impressive. But then, if not for the Reliance Jio Welcome Offer, would the numbers stay the same? Also, would the interest stay as high once the Welcome Offer ends? As December is nearing, Reliance Jio subscription is witnessing a dip in sales and is coming up with newer schemes like home delivery to keep Indians interested and engaged. Reliance Jio to extend free calling Welcome Offer till March, announcement expected in December

However, people are not all impressed and people are already complaining about shoddy service. Reliance Jio users are voicing their grievances. There have been cases where other operators have also filed complaints against Jio with TRAI for violating rules and regulations. While there are a massive number of people lining up to buy Reliance Jio, there are not as many networks. Though Jio has claimed it will be setting up more towers, the execution will take time and might eat into the subscriber base. Reliance has also made promises that till the services aren’t improved, they will be extending the Welcome Offer or commencing a new offer like the Welcome Offer where users don’t pay for the services they cannot avail. Nothing is sure as of yet but Mukesh Ambani, the owner of Jio is said to have plans for the future. While the start for Reliance Jio has definitely been impressive, the numbers might soon dip sharply if Reliance does not bring their Jio services at par with the other operators. Reliance Communications now launches unlimited voice calls, with 300 MB internet for just Rs 149, throws open challenge to Reliance Jio!

With December just a day away and with just 1 month left for the Welcome Offer to expire, let’s see what Reliance Jio has to say about the same. Meanwhile, here are some reactions from frustrated users who simply cannot stop trolling Jio.