Reliance Jio Postpaid Plan: Reliance Jio launched new services and plans for its postpaid users. The company announced Jio Postpaid Plus, Postpaid Dhan Dhana Dhan offers. These plans of Jio include offers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, Family Plan and data rollover, free international roaming, free home delivery, and activation of SIM and switching your existing Jio number to a postpaid number without any downtime. Have been. Jio introduced five new plans of Rs 399, Rs 599, Rs 799, Rs 999, and Rs 1,499. Also Read - Airtel, Vodafone postpaid plans nearly twice as expensive as Reliance Jio: Report

There is fierce competition among the telecom companies to woo their users. Reliance Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone Idea are all offering new plans and offers for their users in the coming days, but most of these offers are available only to prepaid users. Meanwhile, Reliance Jio has announced the launch of an effective plan for postpaid consumers. Jio has announced the launch of the Jio Postpaid Plus plan for Postpaid users in India. Also Read - Reliance Jio's Rs 199 Postpaid Offer Would Push Airtel And Idea to Give Further Discounts. Cut in ARPU Likely: Jefferies

Jio Postpaid Plus plan will provide in-flight connectivity, cheaper family plans, OTT content in cheap ISD calls to its users. As far as the features of Jio Postpaid Plus are concerned, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and DINC + are included in every plan. Talking about family connections, it starts at Rs 250 per connection. Customers will get the facility of in-flight connectivity, international wifi internet calling starting at Rs 1 / min, and ISD at 50p / min. Also Read - Reliance Jio Launches Post-Paid Plan at Rs 199; The Pack Offers Best International Calling And Roaming Rates; Here Are Details

“JioPostpaid Plus has been intricately designed keeping in mind the needs of every postpaid customer. It accounts for the need for dependable and high-quality connectivity, limitless premium entertainment, seamless and affordable international roaming, cutting-edge innovative features, and most importantly the customer experience,” said Jio Director, Akash Ambani.

Indian passengers traveling abroad under International Plus will get in-flight connectivity. Free international roaming in the US and UAE, international calling is being offered in India for 1 rupee along with international calling (ISD) at the rate of 50 paise per minute. The company retains existing credit on Jio to customers under Experience Plus. Apart from this, only existing Jio numbers can be switched to postpaid. Notably, there will be no downtime during this time. Jio is offering free home delivery and activation of SIM cards to customers.

Jio plan for Rs 399

Postpaid users will get 75GB high-speed internet data every month in the plan of Rs 399. Along with this, unlimited calling and SMS facility is also provided. Customers will also get VIP subscriptions from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney + Hotstar. Up to 200 GB of data can be rolled over.

Jio plan of Rs 599

This plan of Jio will get 100 GB of data. There is also an unlimited voice and SMS facility. The data rollover facility is 200 GB. The company is also offering 1 additional SIM card with this family plan.

Jio plan for Rs 799

In this Jio plan of Rs 799, 150 GB data is being given and along with unlimited voice and SMS facility, customers will be able to take it. A 200GB data rollover will be available in this plan. There will be 2 additional SIM cards with this family plan.

999 rupees live plan

In this plan of Jio, 200 GB data will be available. Apart from this, there is also the facility of unlimited voice and SMS. Customers are being given the facility of 500 GB data rollover in this plan. Along with the family plan, 3 additional SIM cards will also be available in this plan.

Jio plan for Rs 1499

This plan of Jio is getting 300GB data. Along with this, customers can also take advantage of unlimited voice and SMS in this Jio plan. It has 500GB of data rollover facility. With this plan, JIO is offering unlimited data, voice calling in the US and UAE. This plan of Rs 1,499 is getting 4 additional SIMs, through which Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney + Hotstar can be accessed. All these additional SIMs (including numbers) will get all the facilities like free calling, SMS.