Reliance Jio has released a new updated for its OTT services app ‘JioTV.’ The latest update adds Dark mode feature, which is already present on the company’s JioCinema app. Currently, the update is only available for Android users. Reliance Jio users can download the 5.8.0 update via Google Play Store, and one can also sideload the APK file by downloading it from the web.

After downloading the update via Play Store, you can enable the dark mode in the JioTV app’s setting section. Dark mode is one of the most demanded features, so it’s good to see Reliance Jio has now finally added it to its JioTV app too. Besides, earlier this year, Reliance Jio updated its JioTV app and added the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature, TelecomTalk reports. This mode allows a user to continue watching JioTV while browsing other apps. In simpler terms, the PiP mode allows a Reliance Jio user to watch content even after closing the app. Notably, you can disable the PiP feature with just a toggle switch in JioTV app settings.

Needless to say, the Reliance JioTV app only works for Jio subscribers, and can be downloaded for free. Additionally, it is one of the early applications in India to offer users LIVE video content from 639 channels, including languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, and more. Comparatively, Airtel TV offers 349 channel only. Other than JioTV, the company also offers free apps like JioCinema, MyJio, JioMoney and more. The JioCinema app and JioTV app from Reliance Jio are standalone apps.

Separately, recently, Reliance announced that its JioGigaFiber broadband service will go live commercially from September 5. The base plan will start from Rs 700 and go up to Rs 10,000. It will start with a minimum data speed of 100Mbps that goes up to 1Gbps. The exact details are yet to be revealed. But, we do know that Reliance will offer an LED TV of either HD or 4K resolution for free, as part of Jio Fiber Welcome offer. However, for this, customers will have to purchase the Jio Fiber Forever annual plan. In addition, the company will also reportedly give a 4K Set Top box for free.