Mumbai, Oct 21: Reliance has been making great inroads when it comes to smartphone technology and the Indian brand has already won the hearts of Indians with their Reliance Jio 4G services. However, apart from being a service provider, Reliance has also been focusing on their device segment and have launched their latest budget device LYF F1 smartphone which is under their LYF Smartphone Plus brand. LYF F1 is a budget device and it being a Reliance phone, focuses mainly on the 4G aspect. As Reliance focuses on the budget segment for their smartphones, the LYF F1 is no different. However, despite being a relatively budget device, LYF F1 does come with some strong and good specifications, at least on paper. Launched right before the Diwali week, Reliance LYF F1 is naturally, the festive season offering by Reliance.

Reliance LYF Smartphone Plus’ LYF F1 is, according to Reliance a “Future Ready” device and the phone comes with some tweaks and twists to traditional apps. Based on the Android platform, Reliance LYF F1 runs Android Marshmallow. Though there’s no special skin, the basic calling and texting apps have been given some changes by Reliance. In terms of looks, the phone is not outstanding and it is a simple looking phone. The device comes in black colour and there’s not any other colour variant. Reliance LYF F1 comes with Carrier Aggregation Support which Reliance says it gives extremely fast speeds and blazing internet experience. It also saves battery life claims Reliance. However, how does the CA system work was not elaborated or explained. It is still unclear as to just how this feature works. According to Reliance, “LYF F1 is designed to tap the fullest potential of Jio, the world’s largest all IP network.” ALSO READ: There are 2 Reliance Jio SIM cards – Orange and Blue. What’s the difference and which one should you buy?

Under the hood of Reliance LYF F1 runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 MSM8952 64-bit processor. The LYF F1 phone comes with 32GB internal memory. The phone is a dual-SIM and the second SIM card slot acts as the hybrid MicroSD card slot. The phone supports memory expansion up to 128GB. LYF F1 comes with 3GB RAM. The phone comes with a 5.5-inch Full HD display. The display is an IPS display and comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection. LYF F1 comes with a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a pixel density of 400 ppi. Reliance LYF F1 comes with a 3200 mAh battery.

Though the talk time was not shared, there is the Carrier Aggregation feature which Reliance claims improves battery life and promises a long battery life. The new LYF F1 phone comes with a new sensor which is the Ambient Noise Sensor. While all smartphones sport the Ambient Light Sensor where they help adjust display brightness according to sunlight and also turn the display off when the device is close to the ear, during a conversation. However, for Ambient Noise Sensor, the phone adjusts the volume of the device according to ambient no use. If the outside is noisy, the ringtone and the volume automatically goes up. Quite reminds us of the Outdoor Profile Mode in the good ol’ Nokia devices. ALSO READ: Reliance Jio’s aggresive free call offer gets Trai clean chit

The phone comes with a 16MP rear end camera which supports low-light photography and the front camera is an 8MP snapper. The phone comes with the Smart Video technology that allows the users to see 2 videos at the same time. However, the screen is not necessarily split evenly. The size if each display box can be decided by the user and the split technology comes with sizable display to view each video. The video feature of LYF F1 also features Smart Play which is a feature that has already debuted jn devices before – Smart Play pauses your video just as you look away so you don’t miss anything and can resume once your attention is back on screen. Another feature that LYF F1 comes with is the Rich Communication Services where you can customize the calling app and the messaging app to send messages, locations, images, doodles right from within the call. It can be done through SIM based services though the speed will be dependent on your 4G network. LYF F1 also comes with Smart Ring feature that can help you locate your phone by ringing on it. Activating the Smart Ring feature enables the customer to find the phone even when the device is in silent mode.

Reliance LYF F1 will be available across all Reliance Stores in the country. The service provider is also offering a lot of discounts with the phone. For Citibank customers, there will be a 10 percent cash back on purchase of the device. Additionally, Reliance is also offering a 10 percent discount on future purchases, along with vouchers worth Rs 15,000 on Reliance accessories. The brand is also offering a free Bluetooth headset with the phone. There are EMI schemes launched by Reliance as low as Rs 2219 for LYF F1. The phone is priced at Rs 13,399 in India and comes with 2 years warranty. Talking at the launch of LYF F1, Sunil Dutt, President – Devices, Reliance Retail, said, “LYF F1 smartphone+ is designed to take full advantage of the future ready Jio network. It is unmatched in speed, quality and product experience.” Being a Diwali release, LYF F1 will face tough competition from Chinese brands and phone makers which have launched a slew of devices in the recent weeks in the budget segment. With such tough competition, will Reliance be able to hold their own?