Washington, July 30: A tragic accident led to the death of a Robot called ‘Steve’, he did not commit suicide, says the manufacturer of the machine. In Washington DC, after Steve died in a fountain, it was believed that he committed suicide, but the black box installed him revealed the real truth. He died after skidding on a loose brick surface. Also Read - Cake Surprise: Cow Dung Cakes Found in Indian Passenger's Baggage at US Airport, Destroyed

The death was due to a technical error that failed to read the uneven surface, after which the security robot fell into the fountain and drowned. The manufacturers of the robot sent a replacement within two days to Washington Harbour with a month’s credit that includes maintenance cost, reported Reuters. The makers of the robot did not expect such an incident and said it would only lead to improvements. Also Read: 3D sense to help robots do household chores Also Read - Do You Know 'Shalu'? Mumbai Teacher Develops Humanoid Robot Which Speaks 47 Languages | See Pics

The K5 Autonomous Data Machine is five feet tall and was handed a task to find out the grounds of the complex when it tumbled down the stair case, said the makers.  One of the employees of Washington Harbour posted the photo of the deceased robot on Twitter. Bilal Farooqui wrote: ” Our D.C. office building got a security robot. It drowned itself. We were promised flying cars, instead, we got suicidal robots.” Also Read - Man Builds Special Robot to Take Care of Disabled Dog in Lucknow

As per reports, such security robots have a 360-degree video camera, ample of microphones, air quality sensors.