New Delhi: FASTag which are becoming mandatory from December 15 may come with some handsome cashback offer if you are buying the RFID-enabled device using Airtel Thanks App.

Here are the steps to avail the offer:

1. Download and login to Airtel Thanks App from the app store
2. Click on Discover Airtel Thanks on the Home Page
3. Click on Airtel Payments Bank FASTag banner in the reward section
4. Complete the journey and payment process
5. You will receive a cashback in your Airtel Payments Bank wallet/account post successful payment
6. Your vehicle Registration Certificate (RC) would be verified within 2 working days

FASTag can also be purchased from select banking points of Airtel Payments Bank. To buy FASTag, customers need to share a copy of the vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC) and registration number.

A FASTag is tag embedded with a unique identification number mounted on the windscreen of a vehicle. As the vehicle reaches the toll plaza, the number is read by the RFID reader. The toll amount is deducted from the linked account.

From 1.4 lakh km of National Highways, toll charges were being collected from almost 25,000 km, as on March-end 2019. Between April-September this year, 2000 km of new National Highways are being brought under toll. Some 535-536 toll plazas have electronic toll collection systems. Barring newly installed 16-17 toll plazas, almost all the lanes have electronic toll collection systems.

Owners of vehicles without FASTags will have to pay twice the normal rate at toll gates.