The newest game from developer and publisher Human Head Studios, Rune 2 is now out for PC on the Epic Games Store. This is great news for those fans that have been waiting for a sequel since the first game came out in the year 2000. That makes it almost a gap of two decades between the two games. The game is set in a world where the Norse Gods have lost control of the world and creatures are infesting the world. It’s an action adventure RPG game where players take on all these challenges head on.

The game description goes, “Alone or with friends you will battle legions of Loki’s minions in brutal melee combat, travel the world collecting rare resources, locate precious artifacts to weaken the Realm Gate and craft the mightiest weapons the Nine Realms have ever seen.” Rune 2 offers the option to players to play solo or team up with friends. Players will be able to explore, craft weapons and items and fight through the  post-apocalyptic world. There is also the option to build Viking Longboats in order to travel.

Players will be able to choose a God, who will grant them power in exchange for defeating Loki’s minions. Loki has initiated Ragnarok which is the end times in terms of the Norse mythology. Loki will apparently die when Ragnarok ends. But he has found a way to manipulate the flow of time and continuously resets the timer, creating an infinite cycle of chaos. With each reset the game describes, “A new era begins, each filled with different obstacles: perpetual night, giant-filled lands, harsh ice-ridden landscapes, and more. You’ll need to traverse many ages before amassing the power needed to defeat Loki.”

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Human Head Studios co-founder and Rune 2 project lead Chris Rhinehart wrote that it is the dedication of the fans that made sure we get a Rune 2.