It looks like smartphone and electronics giant Samsung is thinking about different designs of foldable smartphone for the future. According to a recent report, the company has filed patent applications for the designs of such foldable smartphones. These applications come even before the official launch of the first foldable smartphone from the company, the Samsung Galaxy Fold. As part of the recent report, a new patent application has surfaced the internet hinting at vertically folding smartphone.

Samsung patent details

According to a report by Dutch website LetsGoDigital, it looks like Samsung is also thinking about a vertically folding smartphone. We have seen reports about Motorola likely working on a reboot for its RAZR branding with a vertically folding smartphone. This likely means that Samsung will take on much anticipated Motorola RAZR reboot in the future. The upcoming Galaxy Fold works with a different foldable design pattern where it unfolds to reveal a larger tablet-like design. It also folds to create a thick bar.

World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) initially published the patent earlier this month according to the report. The Samsung patent also showcased mockup drawings of how the design could look in the final product. Taking a closer look at the vertically-folding smartphone, we can see the hinge-like spine in the middle of the device towards the back. The diagrams also showcased that the smartphone can likely be folded in three different states depending on the usage. One interesting thing to note here is that the display of the smartphone will fold on the outside.

The display folding on the outside is nothing new as we have seen something similar in the past. To recollect, Huawei Mate X is betting on a similar display folding on the out design idea. The report noted that vertical fold will ensure that the smartphone takes a smaller area in your pocket or bag. However, the display will still give you quick access to important features including media controls, selfies, and more.