South Korean smartphone maker and electronics giant Samsung seems to be already working on its second foldable smartphone. The second foldable smartphone is likely to be known as Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. As per the rumors, the company started working on the device as soon as it announced the original Galaxy Fold. However, the work was likely delayed in the middle due to screen problems with the original Galaxy Fold. Beyond this, the report also noted that the second generation of the device will be significantly cheaper than the first one.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 details

Talking about a report from The Korean Herald, it looks like Samsung will also make significant changes to the design. As part of the design changes in Fold 2; we likely get a Galaxy Fold 2 with a clamshell design. This is not the first time that we have seen this design. Motorola recently showcased its new Motorola RAZR folding smartphone with a clamshell design. The company claimed that it has solved most of the issues that Samsung faced with its Galaxy Fold smartphone. Digging a bit further, Motorola claims that it used sliding plates to ensure the rigidity of the display.

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The design change to clamshell and “several” other factors will ensure that the Fold 2 is not as expensive. One of the reasons for the reduced cost is the smaller display size on Fold 2. A report from GSMArena also indicated that the Galaxy Fold 2 will be priced around $1,000. A source also indicated that the upcoming foldable device will be priced even lower at $840 in South Korea. The company is likely to reveal the smartphone on the global stage along with the Samsung Galaxy S11 series launch.

February 2020 showcase will be in line with the launch of the original Galaxy Fold. The company showcased the original Galaxy Fold during the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series in New York. As per past reports, the company has long been working on a number of foldable designs to experiment and arrive at the ideal design.