Samsung Galaxy Fold, the first foldable smartphone from Samsung is gradually rolling out in different parts across the globe. As the company rolls out the device, a number of other smartphone makers are currently working on their foldable smartphones. Given that Fold is the first to the market, it has likely made people curious about how Samsung achieved this. The first more obvious way is likely to ask Samsung engineers who worked on the device. However, some are taking another route by tearing down the device.

Samsung Galaxy Fold tear-down details

Similar to past teardown reports, JerryRigEverything got his hands on the Galaxy Fold and went on to disassemble it. As part of the teardown, he showcased the internal hardware of the device along with the impressive engineering. This teardown comes days after Zack, the host of the channel posted a torture test for the Galaxy Fold. At the beginning of the video, he wanted to know if he can use one half of the device as a proper functioning smartphone. The video showcased Zack heating the glass back of the device to get on the smartphone.

It went on to remove the display on the top half of the device. Zack took off the Qi wireless charging coil from the other half. Removing these components revealed two main-boards along with the separate batteries. One of the batteries comes with 2,100mAh and the other one comes with 2,135mAh. During the teardown, he realized that the charging port of the device is located on the opposite side of the external display. This means that one can’t remove one half of the device and use it as a standalone device.

The process also showcased the thin laminated paper-like “foldable” display of the Galaxy Fold. This gives us a proper sense of how fragile the display actually is. One can also spot the metal sheet below the display that Samsung added in its hardware improvements. The video also removes adhesive seals around the hinge to showcase how the metal gears inside work.