Most details about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series launch have leaked weeks before the scheduled launch. According to the latest batch of information, details specifications about the smartphone series have leaked online. This leak comes weeks after the initial set of renders leaked out for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus. In addition to the specifications, the report also revealed information about the upcoming S Pen with the Galaxy Note 10 series. According to the report, the upcoming version of S Pen hardware will feature some new features.

Digging deeper, S Pen on the Note 10 series will feature more hovering commands. Such commands include swiping images in the Gallery without actually touching the screen. Other features in the S Pen include emitting a “highlighter sound” when the user is highlighting text. This is likely to make the experience of using the S Pen more immersive and closer to the real-world. It also likely indicates that Samsung is planning to add “sound” as one of the new features in the upcoming S Pen. Greek website Techmaniacs was the first to spot the specifications and other details about the Galaxy Note 10 series.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus specifications

According to the report, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will feature a 6.3-inch display with FHD resolution. In contrast, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus will come with a larger 6.8-inch display with 2K resolution. It also indicates that both the devices will be powered by Snapdragon 855 Plus or Exynos 9825 SoC. However, this is not in line with the information available on other sources. As previously reported, Samsung may not add Snapdragon 855 Plus on the Galaxy Note 10 series. For the time being, we will have to wait and watch for the launch event.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 charger

Image credit: Evan Blass

The Galaxy Note 10 will sport up to 8GB RAM and Note 10 Plus will feature up to 12GB RAM. Both the devices are expected to sport a minimum of 256GB internal storage. The Galaxy Note 10 will feature a rear triple camera setup. The setup will include a 12-megapixel primary, 12-megapixel telephoto and 16-megapixel wide-angle camera sensor. Galaxy Note 10 Plus will sport a similar setup with the addition of a ToF sensor.

The Galaxy Note 10 will be powered by a 3,500mAh battery with 25W fast charging technology. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus, on the other hand, will run on a 4,300mAh battery with 45W fast charging solution. Talking about color options, the smaller model will come in Black, White, and Red. The Plus variant will be available in Black, White and Crystal Gradient finish for interested users. Other features include night mode in the front camera, live focus, and audio zoom video capture. The report also revealed that Samsung is planning to make ToF sensors a standard on its upcoming smartphones.