New Delhi:  The State Bank of India (SBI) has issued a warning to its customers against a WhatsApp fraud that might creep into their mobile phones and steal OTPs and other crucial information to gain access for transaction.

Tweeting a warning, the SBI urged its customers to not fall for WhatsApp forwards that ask for an OTP. Most of such messages have a link, if clicked installs a hidden malware that steals legitimate OTPs sent by the bank during transactions and automatically re-directs them to another number.

But that is the ultimate part of the scam, it usually begins with an impostor calling you to inform or seek permission to upgrade existing debit or credit card. Once they gain trust, they will send you a link to click or download, leading to the penultimate part of the fraud.

The scamster might also ask for your debit/credit card expiry, CVV and the number. DO NOT GIVE IT AWAY.

Once you part with your bank details such as expiry date, CVV and the number, the fraudster will then make you download or click the link to finally gain access to your OTP. Thereon, you will be scammed.

In case you become a victim of fraud, contact your nearest SBI branch within three working days, report the matter and claim your refund. Or you can also call at 1800111109 and report the theft.

Another way is to send an SMS by typing ‘Problem’ and to 9212500888 or tweet at @SBICard_Connect.

If the theft is committed due to some loophole in the SBI’s protection wall or any other area, the bank is liable to pay you full refund. But, if you are found to have been negligent or willfully parted with your details, then the refund will not be initiated.