New Delhi: CamScanner is a Chinese app which can scan any document if you have the app on your phone. Unlike other entertainment apps, this app — to many — was actually useful. Several official documents were also scanned using this app (as the app mark appears at the bottom of the scanned document). CamScanner is one of those 59 Chinese applications that have been recently banned in India.

Exit CamScanner. Enters Kaagaz Scanner, a Make-in-India initiative which got 100k downloads in just 24 hours. And following the overnight success of the application, a LinkedIn post of Gaurav Shrishrimal, one of the developers, has gone viral.

“We built Kaagaz Scanner as a side project after the call of our prime minister for ‘vocal for local’ and Atmanirbhar Bharat. As soon as we got the news of Chinese Apps being banned, we started pushing the app in all of our WhatsApp groups and social media feeds. We were damn lucky to be picked by a few big influencers which gave us the initial push and that coupled with a simple-to-use product started increasing our install numbers,” he wrote.

All You Need to Know About KagaazScanner

1. It is made in India
2. There is no charge
3. There is no watermark on the scanned pages
4. No sign-in is required
5. The app contains no advertisement

How to scan documents with Kaagaz Scanner App –
1. Download the App from Google Playstore
2. Take a picture of the document
3. Adjust the edges and choose the scan mode
4. The scanned PDF is ready to be shared via email, social media or text

Features of Kaagaz Scanner App:
1. Three Scanning Modes – Black & White, Colour Scan, Grayscale
2. Page Edges detected automatically and can be manually adjusted
3. Share PDF Files via Email, Social Media, Text etc.
4. Scan multiple documents at once
5. Enhance scan quality