Signal Latest Update: After facing technical glitch for over a day, popular cross-platform messaging app Signal is back. The messaging service took to Twitter informing users that its operations have been restored. Also Read - From Passion to Books, Beauty & Food: This is What Indian Women Are Talking About on Twitter

Signal faced a global outage on January 15, just days after it was downloaded by millions of new users following the controversial update to WhatsApp privacy policy. The company informed people via Twitter that the app was back online and thanked the millions of new users for choosing signal. Also Read - Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Puts His 1st Tweet on Sale, Bid Reaches Rs 2 Crore

“Signal is back! Like an underdog going through a training montage, we’ve learned a lot since yesterday — and we did it together. Thanks to the millions of new Signal users around the world for your patience. Your capacity for understanding inspired us while we expanded capacity,” the company posted on Twitter with a GIF.

The reports of problems with the app first began on Friday. Early on, users had trouble even connecting and logging in. However, later on, when things began coming back up at Signal, there was a mix of folks able to send but not receive messages, and conversations among certain platform combinations (like iOS to iOS) would work, while others didn’t. In most cases, there was an ongoing error message banner that stated: “Signal is experiencing technical difficulties. We are working hard to restore service as quickly as possible.”

It is not surprising that Signal ran into an issue like this, given the pace of growth that it’s seen recently. Based on Play Store metrics, its userbase is up at least 5X in the last week alone, and that’s ignoring other platforms. The true numbers could be closer to 10 or 20X. With an explosion in new users like that, denial of service errors like these are inevitable, and Friday’s downtime is to be expected.

On Friday, 15th January, WhatsApp announced that it has decided to postpone a privacy update by three months due to “misinformation causing concern” among its users.

India is the largest market in terms of users for WhatsApp with over 400 million people who use the messaging app to communicate with their friends and family.