San Francisco: Global communication platform Skype’s mobile app for iPhones and iPads has been updated with a new screen-blurring feature similar to the background blur in Microsoft Teams.Also Read - Aadhaar is Now Linked With Microsoft Skype Lite Too For Users to Identify Video Calls

While Skype now supports background blurring on PC, iOS and iPadOS, there is no word yet on Android support. Also Read - Microsoft Skype Beta for Linux goes live, comes with cool new updates

However, the feature has been available on the desktop version of Skype for a while, reports The Verge.

One can download the latest version of Skype for iPhone or iPad and enable background blur within the video call options.

Microsoft is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to blur everything in a room around the user and keep the user as the main focal point.

The blur effect, which is effectively bokeh, will detect hair, arms and hands to avoid blurring out key body language during video calls.

Google’s video conferencing service Google Meet is also on track to get a new feature which will blur users’ background during a video call.

The development was spotted during an APK teardown of Google Meet version 41.5 for Android.