New Delhi: Union Minister Piyush Goyal has made a comparison between the technology made in Sweden and India while addressing Indo-Swedish Joint Commission for Economic, Industrial and Scientific Cooperation in Stockholm.

“Technology, when made in Sweden, is costly, but same technology when made in India, it’s cost-effective. So, discussions over various aspects are underway on how Sweden and India can use Sweden and Indian innovations to serve Indians and others across the globe,” Goyal was quoted by news agency ANI as saying on Wednesday.

Further, the Commerce Minister had pointed out that both countries have significant potential for enhancing bilateral ties in key areas such as green technologies, renewable energy, smart infrastructure, healthcare and defence, stated a report. It must be noted that India majorly exports articles of apparel, clothing accessories, textiles yarn, fabrics, manufactures of metals, road vehicles, general industrial machinery and equipment to Sweden.

Speaking about railways in the Stockholm meeting, Goyal, as quoted by news agency ANI, further said, “5150 railway stations are already WiFi-enabled in India. In next 6-8 months, 5500 stations will be under WiFi zone & all 6500 stations will be Wi-Fi enabled by next year.”