Satellite TV provider Tata Sky has just announced an important change for its subscribers in the market. According to the information online, the company has just reduced its monthly network fee for its users. The report revealed that this change will allow heavy users to push down their monthly charge by “up to Rs 300.” This price change and the subsequent discount is part of the new TRAI tariff framework. Before we jump into it, it is worth noting that the monthly fee we are referring to is the network capacity fee or NCF.

Tata Sky NCF reduction details

According to a report by Ultra News, heavy Tata Sky users can pay significantly less as their monthly network fee. However, this depends on some conditions that a subscriber should meet for eligibility. As per the report, the subscriber “must” subscribe to some television channels from Tata Sky. This is, in addition to the bundled packs and individual channels that the subscriber wants to watch. The report also indicated some examples of how things would turn out. For instance, a subscriber with 40 HD channels and 100 SD channels pays Rs 245 as the network fee.

In contrast, as part of the new changes, a subscriber can limit the network charges they pay to Rs 99. All they need to do is to subscribe to the “Hindi HD Lite” pack. The interesting part here is that this charge will not change regardless of the number of total subscribed channels. Tata Sky did mention a higher limited of up to 500 about the total subscribed channels.

The report also revealed that there are three such “special packs” that will allow subscribers to fix their monthly charge. Tata Sky has named these as “Lite” packs where the maximum a user have to pay is up to Rs 300 per month. The network capacity charge will be different for channels in other languages. For instance, subscribers with Bengali channels have to pay Rs 131.50 instead of Rs 99 as the network charge.