Direct to Home (DTH) operator Tata Sky has made some important changes to its offers. These changes come after several attractive plans over the past couple of months. Taking a closer look at the changes, the company has tried its best to offer impressive savings through its plans. These included reasonable pricing, attractive channel packs, discounts, cash-backs, and festive offers. In fact, its efforts to stay competitive in the DTH market have been successful according to recent information. As per the somewhat new information, Tata Sky has also managed to surpass Dish TV in the DTH market. Now that the company has thrived in the competition, it is making some changes to its plans for customers.

Tata Sky plan changes and details

According to a report from TelecomTalk, the company has removed its long term plans including the annual and semi-annual plans. Earlier, these long-term plans offered some impressive savings to users when compared to the usual monthly plans. Instead of the long term plans, the company is only offering regular channel packs to its users. In fact, users can only subscriber to these channel packs on a month-by-month basis. As per the report, the company initially rolled out semi-annual and annual channel packs along with its Set-Top-Box variants.

Watch: Tata Sky Channel Packs

In addition to the long term channel packs, the company also slashed the price of its Set-Top-Box variants. It is worth noting that removal of these long term plans likely limits options for new DTH subscribers. It also likely makes potential subscribers switch to the service. However, the company is still offering some local language long term channel packs to SD Set-Top Box users. These include semi-annual SD Kerala Super and Marathi SD Basic plans.

It is not offering any annual or semi-annual plans to subscribers in the local channel pack category for HD Set-Top Box. The report stated that the only way to save money is the ongoing Tata Sky Cashback offer. As part of this offer, new subscribers can save some money regardless of the channel pack. Interested subscribers need to deposit 12 month worth of their subscription amount in their Tata Sky account. The company will provide them with one month of subscription amount as a cashback.