Foldable smartphones are still in the developmental stage with robust consumer-friendly devices years away. A number of industry giants including Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, Microsoft and more are currently working on their foldable devices. In fact, most of these devices may not really launch in the market. Regardless, this has not stopped Chinese smartphone maker TCL from marching ahead. As per a new report, the company showcased its latest foldable smartphone. The highlight of this new concept smartphone is likely to be the two hinges, two folds. This means that there are three planes that unfold to fold a larger screen.

TCL Foldable smartphone details

According to a report from CNET, the smartphone maker showcased a prototype of the smartphone with two hinges. In fact, the company has given each of the hinges different names. Digging deeper, one of the hinges is called DragonHinge that folds in, and second is Butterfly Hinge that folds out. Both of these hinges work together to form a zig-zag shape as one opens the smartphone. The report claims that the entire thing looks like an Accordion. Once all folded up, the exposed side of the Butterfly Hinge then acts as the outer screen of the smartphone.

The company is currently developing this design to combat the usual issued including concerns with the durability of the screen. Other problems include creating a better, more robust hinge, a natural and usable design. It is worth noting that the company announced its DragonHinge months before crafting a proper working prototype.

It is also interesting to note that TCL Foldable smartphone has no name, expected launch timeline or expected price. The report did mention that the device will come with a quad-rear camera along with a front-facing sensor. It also sports a USB Type-C port though we don’t get a 3.5 mm audio socket. One should also note that this device is quite incomplete as the prototype does not feature a working screen.