Reliance Jio has truly taken the world by storm and all around, there’s talk only of Jio SIMs. The reason Reliance Jio became so popular right from day 1 was their smart pricing. Despite all advances in technology and all talks of modern trends, we Indians at heart, are a strongly price-driven consumer. For us, the cheaper, the better. And Reliance Jio capitalised on just that. In a market where Reliance was already facing tough competition from Airtel 4G and Vodafone 4G, they decided to play on the most important aspect – the pricing and as expected, people simply flocked to Reliance for Reliance Jio 4G SIM cards.Reliance Jio launched amid huge fanfare and they were able to retain the hype despite tough competition.

But then, is everything as hunky dory as it looks with Reliance? Reliance Jio SIM cards might be what black tickets once were outside talkies – selling for exorbitant prices and people queuing up to buy them. But once you actually enter the cinema hall, that is buy your Reliance Jio Sim, does it stay the same? There have been a lot of complaints of Reliance Jio users that the company is not ready to meet the demands. Just like your Big Billion Day sales where each time the listing page keeps crashing, Reliance Jio SIM cards are also facing network issues with smartphones 2G speeds often proving to be more efficient than Reliance Jio 4G. Also, with a large number of people applying for new cards, there’s the issue of activation. There’s only so fast Reliance Jio employees can work and there seem to be extensive delays in getting cards activated. Does that mean people have given up on Jio 4G?

Not yet. If you’re one of those who plans on buying a Reliance 4G SIM card then here, we have some advice for you. Before you take the plunge, read up on what sort of SIM card to buy and why. Reliance Jio is offering 2 SIM cards – Orange and Blue. And while Orange ones are harder to come buy, they are in more demand? Why is that? Well, if you remember, then Reliance Jio had launched in 2 phases. The first phase was where they launched exclusively for Reliance employees and the next phase was for the aam junta. So, they used 2 colours to distinguish between these two phases. The orange colour SIM cards are the first phase cards – meaning they are employee cards and initially it was only Reliance Jio employees who got the cards. As opposed to these orange cards, Blue cards are for the masses and are more widely available.

So then, is that the only difference? No. While the speeds and offers on both Reliance Jio SIM cards – blue or orange are the same, there’s one drastic difference between the two – and that is in the purchasing and activation of cards. Getting an orange card might be tougher but the documents needed for that card are relatively simple. Unlike the blue card where you need all your id cards including photo id, address proof, passport size photo copy and the likes, you need just one document to get the orange card – that is your Aadhar card. Once you present your aadhar card, you will immediately be issued an orange Reliance Jio SIM card without much ado. Now, coming to the activation part. Many users of Orange Reliance Jio SIM cards discovered that their activation process is smoother. Their cards get activated within a couple of hours and they are able to use the services almost instantly. As opposed to the Orange card, Blue Reliance Jio SIM card users have a longer wait and sometimes, have complained of waiting for weeks on end and their SIM cards still not getting activated.

So there. Now you know just how different Reliance Jio Orange and Reliance Jio blue SIM cards are. But then Orange or Blue, should you be buying a Reliance Jio SIM at all? Reliance has waged a war on other 4G providers in the country with their Jio 4G services but then they are not problem free either. People are constantly complaining of poor or low connectivity and 4G speeds in the country leave a lot to be desired. Also, Reliance has accused Airtel, Vodafone of not sharing towers thus leading to more connectivity issues for the Ambani-led operating service. In retaliation, Airtel and Vodafone complained of their networks being affected due to Reliance Jio’s overload. That Jio is ill equipped is affecting overall 4G connectivity in the country. The fight is on with each side presenting a new agrument daily. However, for users of Reliance Jio, the fun continues as they avail the cheapest 4G services albeit at the cost of poor connectivity. But as these prices are restricted to December, will Jio see a drop in sales soon? Or will they innovate with a new “Geen” card perhaps? December shall tell!