Tesla cars are among the safest automobiles on the roads today. But a shocking incident has surfaced showing that a lot of work is still left in terms of the car’s overall security. In a daring attempt, thieves stole an ultra-secure Tesla Model S electric car in London. They used a key fob attack and got away with the car in less than 30 seconds.

The Tesla Model S, costing over £90,000 (approximately Rs 8,000,000), was stolen using a keyless hack. Lately, this hack is being used to steal vehicles. Tesla however has been an exception owing to its extra layers of security with “improved cryptography” key fob.

There is also an optional security feature, called “PIN to Drive”. If an owner activates this, anyone trying to steal the car will have to first know the PIN. In this incident, it seems the driver had not activated the PIN to Drive feature. The entire incident was caught on the owner’s outdoor CCTV camera, Electrek reports. You can watch the incident in the video below.

As per the report, the thieves used a tablet and a phone in tandem to eventually intercept the frequency used by the Tesla Model S’ key fob. The interception was possible despite the key being at the back of the house. The thieves then relayed that signal to the car, tricking it into thinking that the owner was using the key fob to get in and drive. In the video, one of the thieves is seen holding the key fob attack system before his accomplice reverses the Tesla and drives it away.

The report adds that Tesla owners can prevent such thefts by keeping the key fob in a ‘faraday pouch’. Doing this will prevent the signal from being intercepted.

With Inputs from IANS