WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that we can talk to any person. Apart from chatting with friends and family, office work is also being done through WhatsApp. By typing, everyone can send a message. Now the company has rolled out a new feature through which users can send messages without typing on WhatsApp. Whatever message you want to send, you just have to say it and the exact message will be typed. Once the message is typed, all you have to do is press the send button. Sometimes typing a big message seems like a very confusing and tedious task, and perhaps this is the reason why WhatsApp voice message is so popular.Also Read - WhatsApp Likely To Launch 'Voice Transcription' Feature That Converts Voice Notes To Text

How to Send WhatsApp Messages Without Typing – Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the chat that you want to send a message to.
  2. Now open Keyboard to compose messages. Most keyboards have a Mic sign at the top. Tap it.
  3. Keep in mind that the mic is also built in to send voice messages on WhatsApp. You don’t use it.
  4. A mic will now pop up in front of you and you will be asked to try to say something.
  5. Say whatever message you want to send. When your message is complete, tap on the mic icon.
  6. The special thing is that most of the keyboards these days support Hindi along with English. For example, we said – how are you.
  7. Whatever you said will be typed. Now all you have to do is press the send button.
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