Watchmaker Timex Group has announced that it is entering the fitness wearables market. As part of the announcement, the company just launched its new iConnect and iConnect Fashion smartwatches in India. Both these smartwatches are part of the new iConnect “collection of smartwatches”. The company also revealed that it has teamed up with e-commerce giant Flipkart to sell the collection. The company has priced iConnect at just Rs 7,795 and iConnect Fashion at Rs 9,995. Interested buyers can head to Flipkart, Timex India website or Timex authorized retailers to make the purchase.

Timex iConnect collection details

As per the announcement, the company revealed that iConnect features a 40mm regular radial rectangular dial. In contrast, the iConnect Fashion features a 45mm “chic round dial” for a more stylized look. Both the watches will be available in four colors including Black, Grey, White, and Beige. As part of the launch, Ms. Sharmila Sahai, the Managing Director for Timex Group India issued a statement. She added, “People are now looking at wireless fitness and sports devices and are more drawn to adopting a healthier lifestyle. The new iConnect range is a one-stop answer to the multiple demands of an individual.”

Sahai continued adding, “Its affordable pricing allows it to be consumed by different groups ranging from enthusiastic teenagers to diligent corporates. iConnect is uniquely positioned as it offers not only a variety of features but also boasts of a fashionable exterior.” Talking about the design and specifications of the Timex iConnect collection, both the smartwatches feature color LCD touch display. The company claims that both the smartwatches offer customization, performance, and aesthetics to their buyers.

Timex also revealed both the smartwatches will feature “a robust notification system”. This will allow users to make or receive calls, receive texts, or app notifications including emails. Buyers can connect the iConnect smartwatches with their smartphone with the iConnect app for Android, and iOS. The smartwatches also feature a built-in speaker to listen to voice messages or make or receive phone calls. Timex has also added other features including a heart-rate monitor, sleep tracker, watch face customization, and more. Users can use the microUSB port to charge the smartwatches. Last but not least, the company also claims that the smartwatches will offer 3-day long battery backup.