Parisian game company Ubisoft has released the first look of its new operators for Year 4 Season 3 on Rainbow 6 Siege. The two new operators are from Mexico’s FES unit and Peru. While one of the new operators is an attacker, the other is a defender. From Mexico we have Goyo, who is a two speed and two armor defender. His special equipment is a Volcán Shield that is a normal deployable shield but with a gas canister attached to it. This makes it a one way napalm bomb, meaning that it can be shot from the defender’s side to explode and create a fiery area.

The Peruvian operator is an attacker by the name of Amaru. Her special gadget is the Garra Hook which is used to quickly zip on to a window, ledge or an open hatch. The new operation that is hitting the season 3 of the game is called Ember Rise. A Redditor has theorized that Rainbow Six devs name their operations based on the abilities of the operators being introduced. ‘Ember’ represents Goyo’s flame shield while Amaru’s zipline gadget denotes ‘rise’.

In terms of new maps the devs are introducing a reworked Kanal map which was part of the roadmap for Year 4. But the Kanal map still has two different buildings. It has different textures, and the stairs have been color coded which will help place people in the map. It will also help with callouts for the map quickly registering information.

WATCH: Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise

Ubisoft is introducing a new Mira Elite set with Operation Ember Rise, called Inspiracion. The devs have also announced the release of a new battle pass. This new battle pass will be in a test stage with Operation Ember Rise and have only seven levels. This will become a full fledged battle pass with Season 4. It will be available for free during Season 3 but will be paid in Season 4. Like most battle passes it will have a free tier and a premium tier.