Electronics giant Apple has stopped signing the iOS 13.2.2 version of its mobile operating system. This move comes weeks after the rollout of the Apple iOS 13.2.3. It means that users can no longer downgrade their operating system to the older 13.2.2 version. If one needs to perform the backup, they need to have an Apple signed copy of the iOS version. Downgrading is a common practice in the jail-breaking community. In fact, power users also tend to downgrade to an older version in case of an unstable and buggy update.

Apple iOS 13.2.3 update details

The company clarified that it is stopping the signing process for the older update to make users more secure. Apple has rolled out a number of security and performance updates. Some of these security and performance improvements are quite significant as compared to the rest of the update. In addition, this will also likely stop a new jail-breaking exploit called “checkm8” for iPhone X and older models. This option will also push an increasing number of users to install the latest version of iOS available. Pushing the latest version for iOS devices also ensures that the smartphone is running on the most stable version of the software.

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At the same time, the company is already working on its next iOS update. According to 9to5Mac, the company is already testing the next version of the update known as iOS 13.3. Currently, the new update is part of the new developer as well as pubic beta testing. As part of the report, the company is planning to roll out the update in the next major update,

Apple has not shared the timeline for the roll-out of the update. Most likely, this update will roll out in the coming days if not weeks. Beyond, this major update will also bring other features to the website, these include screen time communication, and additional improvements and tweaks.