Norway-based software maker Vivaldi Technologies has just launched “Vivaldi Mobile for Android” app on Google Play Store. The company shared details about this new version in a dedicated post on its website. Vivaldi stated that “Vivaldi Mobile for Android” is a full web browser for smartphone devices with all the essential features. As noted previously, it is more like a continuation of the desktop experience to the mobile. It also clarified that this version follows the mission statement of Vivaldi by respecting privacy, providing customization with no tracking.

As per the previous report, “Vivaldi Mobile for Android” is currently in Beta stage. The software maker is likely to roll out the first stable version of the browser in coming weeks. This likely means that the company is still gathering feedback and fine-tuning things behind the scenes. Just days before the launch, we got access to the beta version of the app for testing. Does Vivaldi offer enough stand-out features from Google Chrome, Brave, Firefox and Microsoft Edge? What are the new things that Vivaldi brings to the table? Let’s find out in my first impressions.

Familiar UI and tools

The first thing that you will notice as soon as you open “Vivaldi Mobile for Android” is the sheer familiarity. The Mobile version is similar to the desktop version of the web browser. The company has used similar UI icons, and elements to paint a user-friendly picture. If you have used the desktop version, you will feel right at home. In addition, if you have not used the desktop version, the user interface is extremely simple and user-friendly. The most impressive part is that this familiarity does not sacrifice features that users have grown to use on the desktop.

Getting started

Talking about the features, the app comes with Panels, Speed Dials, Notes and Capture screenshot. It also comes with support for light as well as dark themes where users can also set automatic theme switching depending on the time. Vivaldi has also brought the multi-purpose address bar in the mobile version of the browser. Users can use it to navigate to any website, search any query with a shortcut or search through the bookmarks.

Vivaldi Mobile for Android Advanced features

Vivaldi Mobile for Android Advanced features


Advanced features also allow the browser to access system payment apps such as Google Pay. Another feature that impressed me is the “Capture” screenshot feature. This allows users to take scrolling screenshots of full mobile web-pages directly in the browser. This is likely to be a unique feature that I have not seen in any mobile browser. Talking about privacy, we also get the “Do Not Track” option in the “Privacy” section.

Cross-platform sync on Vivaldi Mobile for Android

Talking about one of the most powerful additions here is the cross-platform sync. This is the one feature that makes “Vivaldi Mobile for Android” way more useful than other mobile-only web browsers. It also offers feature parity with Google Chrome and Firefox where users can continue their work regardless of the device. The sync helps users access their bookmarks, passwords, history, notes, speed dials, autofill data, and more.

Cross-platform Sync

Cross-platform Sync

The sync also ensures that the “extension” of desktop version actually works in practice rather than a tagline for a similar interface. The “Sync” section in the “Settings” section offers users granular control over what they want to sync. Everything works as seamlessly and effortlessly as one would expect from big names like Google Chrome, and Firefox.

First impressions

After using “Vivaldi Mobile for Android” for a couple of days, I am quite impressed at what Vivaldi has crafted here. Things make much more sense and are that much easy as “Vivaldi” is my primary desktop browser. Having a Chromium-based mobile web browser that works as a Google Chrome replacement with cross-platform sync is a god sent. Vivaldi is likely to improve the offering in future updates and I can’t wait to see these improvements. in the meantime, you can head to Google Play Store to give the browser a spin.