Back in July, Airtel and BSNL revised their prepaid plans by reducing the incoming call validity to 7 days. Now, following BSNL and Airtel’s footsteps, even Vodafone has reduced the incoming call validity from 15 days to 7 days. Here is all you need to know.

Incoming validity of Vodafone prepaid plans

Last year, telecom operators did away with lifetime free incoming validity scheme and introduced minim prepaid recharge plans. The most basic plan is available for Rs 24, which increases the prepaid validity by 28 days. However, you don’t get any talk time or data allowance with the plan.

After 28 days, failing to recharge again, incoming calls will continue for the next 7 days (via DreamDTH). However, outgoing calls will be barred during this time. After 7 days, even the incoming calls will be barred until you don’t recharge again.

Vodafone prepaid plans with talk time

If you are looking for a prepaid plan with talk time and data, there are minimum prepaid recharge plans that are available. The plan is available for Rs 35 where you get talk time of Rs 26.66, and validity of 28 days. It also includes 100MB 3G / 4G data applicable through the validity period. Outgoing calls will be charged as per base tariff.

There is Rs 39 plan with Rs 30 talk time, and the rest of the benefits remain the same as Rs 35 recharge. A little higher, you have Rs 45 plan with Rs 45 talk time, 100MB data and 28 days validity. With this plan, outgoing calls will be charged at 1 paisa/second.

Then there is Rs 65 prepaid plan where you get 28 days validity 200MB data and Rs 55 talk time. All outgoing calls will be charged at 60 paise/minute. Moving on, you also have the Rs 95 prepaid recharge plan where you get Rs 95 talk time and 500MB data. It comes with a validity of 28 days.