WhatsApp web is a desktop version of WhatsApp Messenger launched on 21 January 2015 for android, blackberry, and window phone users only. But later the company launched it for ios and Nokia users as well. Now you can also operate your WhatsApp Messenger on your computer and laptop. This is a new feature of Whatsapp which has been made to use WhatsApp Messenger on Browser. There is no need to download the app. Moreover, it allows the user to send and receive messages directly from their browser. Also Read - WhatsApp rolls out 'Call Waiting' feature for Android app on Google Play

You can use WhatsApp web in the latest web browser and your mobile number should already be connected on your WhatsApp. It doesn’t have any signup or sign in option. In short, it is a browser version of Messenger which allows you to connect through your laptop or desktop. If you are using WhatsApp from the laptop, then your mobile data will also be used. If you turn off the mobile data, then the connection of WhatsApp will also be closed. Also Read - WhatsApp Beta update introduces 3 new options for Dark Mode

WhatsApp launched a web-friendly version of its platform in 2015. With the help of the WhatsApp web, users have got the option to use the messaging service on their desktop as well. In this web version, almost all the features found on the smartphone app have been given. Although video and voice calling is not available on WhatsApp web. Many features found on the web version make your experience better on the app. Also Read - WhatsApp update in beta comes with an updated Dark Mode toggle and more

Recently, WhatsApp has released Dark Theme for WhatsApp web and desktop apps. Earlier these features were limited to mobile apps only. Now after the introduction of this feature, users will not have to use any trick to enjoy the dark mode.

Things need for WhatsApp Web:

  • You need a WhatsApp account for WhatsApp.
  • Mobile and computer must have an internet connection.
  • The latest version of Browsers on your computer or laptop.

How to Start WhatsApp Web on your system:

  • Search web.whatsapp.com on your computer.
  • Open WhatsApp on your mobile.
  • Go to settings – WhatsApp web on mobile.
  • Scan the QR Code shown on the browser from your phone
  • To see your login computer or to logout any active web session, go to WhatsApp web from your phone.