WhatsApp latest update package v 2.17.44, comes with added support for new Unicode 9 emoji, earlier available to only Android Nougat 7.1 users. The latest update is currently available to Android beta users only. The new emoji featured in the update is expected to be rolled out for all Android users globally soon, irrespective of it the device runs on Android Nougat 7.1 or not.

Unicode 9.0 emoji packaged in latest Whatsapp version includes emoticons for selfie, pregnant woman, father with two kids, rainbow flag,  mother with son and many more. Emoji’s being one of the most influential and important ways of expressing holds a lot of importance in recent times. Thus taking gender diversity in consideration, the latest emoji in the update also includes female detective, athlete, weight lifter, swimmer, surfer along with other interesting emoji such as ROFL, drooling face and clown face.

Since, the new emoji is available only to the beta users and here is how you can sign up to get early access to latest updates on WhatsApp messenger app. To become a beta user, go to Play Store and check WhatsApp listing. On the app listing page, scroll down to the bottom to ‘Become a beta tester’ option and tap to sign up as beta tester. After wards, exit the play store and check the Whatsapp listing page in the Play Store later and download the beta version 2.17.44.

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Whatsapp brought Gif support, Gif library and video calling support in previous updates. Recently, Whatsapp update on iOS enabled users to queue messages when offline and also increased media sharing limit from 10 to 30 photos or videos.