Whatsapp, now owned by Facebook, has been announcing and launching many changes of late. Recently, Whatsapp announced camera features and looks like the messenger app has finally begun to roll out updates with the new features. While the updates are just for Android users presently, they are soon expected to be rolled out to iOS users too. The updates bring some fun and quirky elements to Whatsapp and let users experience a better camera experience. While the features are not new and competition sites like Snapchat boasted of these features before Whatsapp, it does add an element of fun to using the app and makes sending images more interesting. Whatsapp has focused entirely on the camera and video features with this update and it does show how the traditional messenger app is slowly leaning more towards the use of imaging and giving more importance to pictures even for conversation.

The new update has started slowly rolling out to users and people will be getting it in batches. The new update is just like Snapchat’s featur where users can add stickers and doodle on the images. The new update was announced by Whatsapp sometime back though it is only now that the messenger has started rolling it out. The newest update brings a selfie flash to the front camera. This is especially for low-light photography where while the back camera has an LED flahs, there’s nothing for the front cam and the selfies are pretty dark and uninteresting. In the screen flash, the screen goes blank and is at the brightest for a moment so the light from the white screen can be used to click a picture. This new feature works only in the Whatsapp camera, that is, if you open your camera inside Whatsapp and try taking a selfie inside Whatsapp directly. Apart from the selfie flash,. you can now also switch between the front and back camera while taking a video. This feature too is restricted to only the Whatsapp camera.

The biggest change of all is in terms of image editing. Now once you take a photo on Whatsapp, you can edit it, add stickers and also, add text and doodle on your images. The There are loads of stickers and fun emojis to be used over the images. There’s also a feature that lets you write on the image and doodle there, in your own handwriting. If you want to send a pic with an “All the Best” message, you can now actually write it in your handwriting! But then, if you’re sharing a photo clicked with your camera, there’s nothing you can do to it. No editing tools are available then. But if you use your Whatsapp camera, once the camera is opened and the picture clicked, you immediately get options to edit it, doodle on it or add stickers. The size of the stickers can be changes using the pinch zoom function and the colour of the doodles and text can also be optimised using the colour bar Whatsapp provides.

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Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram have billions of users who use the apps daily and yet, Snapchat, a relatively newer entrant is quite a threat to Facebook. Since launch, Snapchat has grown in popularity and since then, facebook has been blatantly copying Snapchat features across their offerings. The one to get a Snapchat-update before Whatsapp was Instagram where Facebook unveiled Insta-stories which are limited time images or videos of short duration. These stories expire within 24 hours. whatsapp did announced the new features in a Beta update and the latest version makes using the app a lot more fun. it is definitely going to be loved by the youngsters for whom, it is one of the better ways to connect. Youngsters love to edit their images and with the world getting more interested in images day by day, it’s no surprise that Whatsapp is being forced to revamp from the classical boring app to something more advanced.

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facebook recently, also adopted a Snapchat feature for Messenger where they unveiled it under the guise of Messenger Day. The short videos for Messenger update is not yet rolled out but people are expecting the update to be out soon. Since Facebook is growing stronger with multiple apps, there’s the constant need to keep innovating. while copying features and getting “inspired” is al;l good, it would be nice if Facebook experimented and came up with something original too. We would surely love to see a pathbreaking new update from Facebook, what say social networking giant?