Whatsapp has been bringing about a lot of upgrades and while it has been the number one IM and chatting app in the market since launch, the entry of newer, more youthful apps is threatening Whatsapp’s hold among the younger users. Apps like Snapchat have become widely popular and are one of the most common means for chatting among users. The youngsters prefer the quirky features which let them have fun while at the same time converse. The pictorial way of conversing has grown really big and people prefer sending emoticons, pictures and cartoons to typing out text. It’s cute and fun and makes it easier to convey feelings too. And while Whatsapp sure is stable and sturdy, it was getting boring for the youngsters who did not really bother before switching. Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput's Sister Shweta Shares a Video to Prove Rhea Chakraborty's Claims Are False

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Whatsapp, after being taken over by Facebook, has launched some considerable changes. One of the biggest changes is their new voice calling feature which let’s people all over the world talk to each other over data, without any call charges. The feature brought Whatsapp in news once again and increased popularity. Now taking on Snapchat, Whatsapp is changing the way people communicate using images. If you are clicking a picture using Whatsapp camera then you will now get custom Whatsapp editing tools. There are loads of stickers and fun emojis to be used over the images. There’s also a feature that lets you write on the image and doodle there, in your own handwriting. If you want to send a pic with an “All the Best” message, you can now actually write it in your handwriting! Also Read - Soon, WhatsApp to Allow Users to Play ShareChat Videos in 'Picture-in-Picture' Mode

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But for excited users, this tool works only if you click the pic using the Whatsapp camera and not your regular smartphone camera. If you’re just sharing images clicked over the phone cam, you won’t be able to use the special editing tools. Once the photo is clicked, there is a pencil and a T tool icons that are shown on the picture. You can use the colour-picker to choose the colour of text you want for your picture. Using your finger, write the text you want. You can scribble, draw and write on top of the original image. It’s really fun and should make sharing photos a whole lot more interesting for the younger audiences. Also, letting you add text to the image itself saves the hassle of having to type out text and an explanation below the image before sharing it. It’s quick and convenient.

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Another new feature that comes with the upgrade is the front-flash for selfies. If you’re sharing selfies with friends or on the group, low-light photography can cause a lot of hassles and issues. However, the front flash makes for better selfies. The screen goes blank and bright when you click the selfie making the screen itself a flash light. Though the light is not as bright or as great as that of a traditional flash, it does provide considerably more lighting making for atleast visible, if not bright and clear photos. Once again, just like the editing tools, the front flash feature comes only with the Whatsapp inbuilt camera and not your regular smartphone front-cam. However, while most smartphones do have the front flash feature today, having the feature in Whatsapp will make it easier to click and share selfies right from the app.

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These two new features are not rolled out yet. They are still in Beta version and likely, we’ll be seeing a few changes and tweaks before the features are finally rolled out. They are only for Android app currently and iOS users will still have to wait before trying out the app. The Beta version for the new tweaks is 2.16.264 and if you’re exicted and can’t wait to try it out, you can download the APK from an open app market and go clicking and experimenting! It ought to be fun. After the whole Whatsapp fiasco over Facebook integration and sharing, many users blasted app makers and also showed their ire on the app.  However, since the take-over by Facebook, it wasn’t much of a surprise and the move was expected sooner or later. With these new features, Whatsapp is again proving that they are not ready to give way to newer apps and while people might think they’ve grown old and boring, they are still very much there and kicking!

Main Image Credit: Techgiri