Whatsapp has ushered in the New Year with one of the most awaited features for users. Whatsapp, the instant messenger and video/voice calling app has grown in leaps and bounds over the last one year launching features that were much awaited and expected. Since the time Whatsapp has been taken over by Facebook, the app has seen multiple changes in a short time and has upgraded itself to include newer features. The app has also been heavily borrowing from rival Snapchat and while a lot of features are still only in beta mode, the upcoming variations are sure to make the app even more interesting and exciting. The latest feature and the first update of 2016 brings some much awaited features to Whatsapp and the new features are still in beta mode, expected to be rolled out soon.

The first change Whatsapp plans to launch in 2017 is improve the image sharing limit. Currently, the number of images that can be shared with a contact in one go are 10.Users have been demanding an increase in the number of images that can be shared in one go to be upped but so far there had been no change. Finally, the new beta version brings about a change in the number of images that can be shared in one go. The limit has been increased to 30. So instead of 30, the new update will let users share 30 images at once. This is sure to make Whatsapp image sharing enthusiasts happy as a lot of users use the network to share multiple images. Over time, the way the youth communicates and now the stress is on images. Whatsapp recently also updated their camera letting users edit images before sharing by adding filters, clipart and also text on the images. The new features are pretty similar to Snapchat.

The next feature of Whatsapp is also image related. Giphy, one of the largest .gif libraries online has now associated with Whatsapp and will let users share images from Giphy directly onto Whatsapp. .gifs or moving images have become a huge trend in recent times with a lot of users using the images to express emotions or share their feelings. It adds a bit of fun and quirkyness to the chats. While Whatsapp added the feature which let users share moving images or .gifs, there was no special library from where users could choose and curate the image they wish to share. While Whatsapp has already expanded their emoticons library, having a new .gif library will definitely up the fun quotient.The new Giphy library will be a part of the emoticons icon and users can access it when they press the smiley for accessing the emoticons. It is present at the bottom of the window.

Whatsapp had already launched the .gif sharing option for iOS and the Android update has been much awaited. On clicking the .gif, you can choose the gifs from the most popular Gifs available or you can enter a keyword for the emotion gif you’re hunting and choose the particular gif. The new feature will finally bring .gif sharing even to Android users. So far, there has been no timeline by when will the new features be rolled out. The new features are available on WhatsApp beta version 2.17.6 and users who wish to try it out without waiting for the official update can download the .apk file and try out the new features. Whatsapp is also said to be updating a new feature where users can share status updates and choose among their friend list as to who can see these updates. It’s been delayed but it is surely one of the most awaited Whatsapp feature.Whs