Whatsapp is coming up with a slew of new features and one of the key new features is the new ability to send messages without internet. But how does the new feature work? Considering Whatsapp is an app based on internet, does it mean that the message will be sent as an SMS instead, which is what many other instant messenger applications do. But then, in that case, the user will incur some additional charges. No, that is not what Whatsapp is doing. Whatsapp, in their new feature, lets users share messages when they are not in internet. The messages can be added in advance to be shared when there is internet available. The messages will be delivered when there is internet. The new feature is expected to roll out soon and is specifically for Apple users. Also Read - WhatsApp-Facebook Get Green Signal to Sue Israeli Surveillance Group For Illegally Sending Malware to About 1,400 Prominent People

Coming to the second change, Whatsapp has increased the sharing limit for media files from the present 10 to 30. It is sure to bring a huge sigh of relief to everyone as the current limit was only too little and had scope for improvement. Having lesser media file limit was one grouse every Whatsapp user faced. The options are not restricted only to images but are applicable to even videos. Users can even share the videos or images without internet connection and the media files in question will get delivered once there is network. Albeit, they won’t get uploaded, the user will have to tap on the upload button once again to resend them once the network is back. Whatsapp is making a lot of changes to the way it operates and changing its entire focus from a text-based app to a media based app. Also Read - European Man Buys Private Island For Rs 47 Crore Via Video Without Even Visiting Location!

There is also one more feature which is a simple feature but if you think about it, can definitely prove to be very useful. The feature lets users delete multiple files together from one chat, in one go – for example, if you wanted to delete all images from one chat, you had to initially tap on each image and delete it. Now, with this feature, each and every image can be deleted all at once. This new feature can be accessed from each individual chat. Open the chat from where you wish to delete files, in your Whatsapp Settings, open ‘Data and Storage Usage’ and tap on Storage Usage feature. This feature will let you delete media files in one go. However, it is not restricted to just media files – you can delete even text messages and other types of files shared like locations, contact cards, etc. It will ease freeing up space on your system. Google Pixel fails to impress in India; High price, fierce competition force it to lag behind in the No. 2 smartphone market Also Read - Bengaluru Man Strips for Girlfriend on Video Call, Miscreants Extort Rs 22,000 by Threatening to Leak It

These new features are already enjoyed by Android users and some have been around forever, only late in updating to iOS. Whatsapp is streamlining their app and making both, the Android and iOS apps pretty similar in functioning. While it is bringing about these changes, the newer features which make it more Snapchat-esque have not escaped attention. While some of the new features are good and are definitely helping the brand, it would be nice to see some original features and changes to the app too. But then, with Facebook at the help, for the time being we’re only glad that there are things happening and the most popular chatting app is not dormant. It will be exciting to see whichnew changes Whatsapp brings in in 2017 after the major tweaks in 2016!