Whatsapp has been launching quite a few upgrades recently and slowly turning into Snapchat. Literally. The day isn’t far when it’ll seriously become difficult to distinguish between Snapchat and Whatsapp as Whatsapp will have all the features of Snapchat! The company is hell bent on bridging the gap between the two and each month we see a new Snapchat feature being whatsapp-ised and changed to suit the largest IM company. When it launched, Whatsapp had the advantage of being the first ever free messaging app on smartphones and this advantage quickly made it one of the best out there.Whatsapp has over a billion users and that speaks volumes of its reach. While initially, Whatsapp was pretty happy being just a simple messaging app, since its acquisition by Facebook, there have been a whole lot of changes being made to the app.Also Read - WhatsApp Tips And Tricks: Guide On How To Use WhatsApp Web Without Using Your Smartphone | Checkout Video

Some of the most significant changes in recent times have been direct rip-offs of facebook competitors or other facebook-owned sites clearly showing the influence of Facebook’s acquisition. Here’s another Snap-chat like feature all sert to debut on Whatsapp soon if the latest Beta versions are anything to go by. Here’s some of newwest changes all set to come to Whatsapp. The first one is a feature just like the Snapchat Stories feature. However, this feature is hidden and is not visible. Only people who have a rooted Andropid or iOS device can access it and only after a lot of hassles. This hidden feature works just as Status wherein, users get an all new “Status” tab. For regular users, they are aware Whatsapp already has a Status yupdate option but that feature is as good as dead with people either ignoring it completely or accessing it in times of utmost boredom. However, the new feature is all set to change that. Huawei launches Huawei Mate 9 and Huawei Mate 9 Porsche Design premium smartphones Also Read - Big WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp Brings Custom Sticker Feature For Desktop Users, Here's How To Use It On Web Version | Watch Tutorial Video

Just like the recent image changes Whatsapp made to its app, the new Status tab will also be in the old Status menu. Users can use this status tab to share messages or images for a limited number of time. The images or media files can be shared with one or multiple contacts and you can even choose who to share the files with once you share it or update your “status”. The files stay only for a limited amount of time. However, the one thing that was not spotted on the app was the mode to delete the picture after it is shared. Use the new updated Whatsapp camera to click the picture and then edit it or add overlays to it using the latest upgrades made available by Whatsapp. You can then share this image by updating your Status tab. This new feature is not restricted just to images but can also be used for videos. it basically looks and functions just like Snapchat but the concept is slightly different and it is actually a mini-social media site built into Whatsapp. Meizu launches Meizu Pro 6s mid-range smartphone with 12MP Sony camera and finger-print sensor Also Read - Facebook Messenger, Instagram Postpone Encryption Of Messages To 2023. Details Here.

The new feature shows you all the contact details and everything they’ve shared in a time-line format just like Whatsapp. This timeline feature will showcase all the images, status updates and videos you share. But then, the posts go away after some time. The one thing that cannot be done is selecting the time for which the media files or status updates will be visible. However, since evn in the Beta version, this feature is completely hidden and nothing of it is visible, there’s no clarity on what exactly will Whatsapp unveil. Currently, it is under testing and only some features have been finalised. There is still a long time for launch and there might be a whole lot of changes Facebook and Whatsapp will make to this new feature by then. Well, we really can’t wait to see this Snapchat-ised new version of Whatsapp! Hopefully, it rolls out soon and across all devices.

Main Image Credit: Getty Images