WhatsApp, one of the most popular multi-media chat messaging apps, is currently working on a major change. According to the latest information, an upcoming WhatsApp feature may soon allow its users to use one account on multiple phones. We are not talking about the somewhat limited multi-device usage with the Web version. Instead, here we are talking about proper multi-device usage without any restrictions. A report revealed that WhatsApp is currently working on a multi-platform system to ensure that users can use the service on multiple devices without any issues. WhatsApp will allow users to use the same account, possibly with the chat history on iOS and Android.

UPW app to enable multi-platform usage

WABetaInfo revealed that WhatsApp is working on a UWP version of WhatsApp to allow multi-platform usage. Current WhatsApp Web will work without any change. To clarify, the UWP app can work independently while the Web version will still require an internet connection. This means that users will be required to be connected to the app on a mobile device or through the UWP app. The report also stated that there is no information available about a native app for macOS. It also stated that there is no ETA defined so it will be months before we actually see the feature.

There is not much information available about how the system will actually work. According to the report, it is likely that the messages will still be stored on the smartphone. WhatsApp is also working on improving its end-to-end encryption system for the multi-device scenario. There are no screenshots regarding this development. However, the report did confirm that multiple things discovered in recent months indicate towards this conclusion. Given the lack of proof, the report is referring to the information about the new system as a rumor.

The report also listed a number of past rumors that turned out to be true to provide a context of trust. These rumors include the shift of Facebook infrastructure, the launch of WhatsApp Business, iPad version, KaiOS, and more. It also speculated that this feature is likely to be the reason why WhatsApp has not launched its iPad version. The information in the report clarified that the iPad app is ready for launch. However, it is likely that the company wants to allow users to use the same account on multiple devices.

Other WhatsApp Beta features

WABetaInfo also revealed a number of additional features that the company is working on. Talking about recent changes in the new WhatsApp beta for iOS, the company has removed the profile picture 3D shortcut. Developers have also introduced pinned messages to inform users about possible issues regarding downloading media or messages. The latest beta of iOS has also introduced the Quick Media Edit button that we covered in a previous report. The report also speculated that the company may be holding multiple features for a major update in the future.