A few months before Microsoft ends support for its Windows 7 operating system (OS), the older OS witness a large drop in July. The user-base of the same OS dropped by 3.6 percent, down to 31.8 percent, in the overall PC market. This also led to a significant increase in the Windows 10 user-base, TechRadar reports.

Windows 10 saw an increased user-share by 3.1 percent. The OS now has a total 48.9 percent of share in the overall desktop market, as per the report. In June, Microsoft announced that its Windows 7 OS will not receive security and technical updates from January 14, 2020, onwards. The company also sais that users should shift to its latest software.

Furthermore, Microsoft also asserted that it is working with a few companies like Dell and HP for making devices available at affordable prices. It is also working on options to roll out buyback or exchange offers. “Support for Windows 7 will close on January 14, 2020. This means that after this, the operating system will not get security and technical updates. So, the risk of using the computer devices running on it will increase,” Group Director of Microsoft India Farhana Haque said at a press conference.

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Originally, the software giant ended mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 2015. The company later decided to put a final halt on the release of security patches. Besides, last month, Microsoft pulled May 2019 update for some of its Surface Book 2 laptops when a number of users reported that the update causes Nvidia’s discrete GPU to vanish from the device manager. This means apps and games that rely on discrete graphics processor cannot function reliably any longer.

The issue was the newest in a series of failed Windows 10 update roll out from the company. “To safeguard your update experience, we have applied a compatibility hold on Surface Book 2 devices with Nvidia dGPUs from being offered Windows 10, version 1903, until this issue is resolved,” Microsoft said in an advisory note.

With inputs from IANS