Chinese smartphone maker and electronics giant Xiaomi has just updated its in-house file manager app present on MIUI. According to the report, the company has added Google Drive integration in its Xiaomi Mi File Manager app. The Google Drive integration update comes weeks after Xiaomi revamped the design of the app in the beta channel. The Mi File Manage app is one of the more useful ones from the about 25 in-house apps that Xiaomi packed in its devices with Android-based MIUI ROM.

Xiaomi MIUI ROM has constantly been the center of one of the most polarizing topics of skinned ROMs. Some dislike the look of MIUI and use a launcher to give the front a fresh coat of paint. A healthy chunk of Xiaomi device owners have grown to really like the MIUI interface swearing by its improvements. Some even decide that they will not purchase a Xiaomi smartphone unless it is part of the Android One program. Xiaomi smartphone owners are also segregated depending on their take about ads. There are some who don’t mind the ads and there is a majority that absolutely hates these ads.

Xiaomi Mi File manager update details and more

However, it looks like the company is working on improving the situation by fixing the problems and making improvements. As previously reported, the company is working on fixing the ads problem in its upcoming MIUI 11. According to a report by XDA Developers, the company has also been hard at work in gradually improving its in-house apps. The latest Google Drive integration will allow users to directly access all the content available on their Google account without the need of a separate app.

Users can easily download or upload files from and to Google Drive. It is worth noting that the Google Drive app comes pre-installed on Xiaomi devices sold in the global market. However, users can uninstall or disable the app to reclaim some storage space of their smartphone. The report also noted that the Xiaomi Mi File Manage app can also be installed on the non-Xiaomi device from the Google Play Store. However, we are not sure if that would make sense to everyone.