Chinese smartphone maker and electronics giant Xiaomi is known to continuously launch a number of products across its product portfolio. The company launches refreshed versions of its product lineups at regular intervals along with expanding to new segments. As per the latest information, the company has just launched a new product on the market. this new product is its Xiaomi Mi Suitcase Transparent Edition. Yes, You read the name of the product right. The Transparent Edition features a “see-through body”. As part of the announcement, the company shared the price, design, and availability details for the transparent suitcase.

Xiaomi Mi Suitcase Transparent Edition details, price and more

The company announced the launch of this transparent edition suitcase on its official Weibo account. This version is in line with the transparent versions of its flagship smartphones. In addition to smartphones, the company has also launched a transparent version of its Mi Band 4. Xiaomi clarified that this suitcase is limited edition so it will only be available for a short time. Taking a closer look at the promotional images, the suitcase is as one would imagine a transparent suitcase to be. One can quickly glance at all the contents of the suitcase without opening it.

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The see-through body works both as a cool product as well as a potential security risk. This suitcase looks cool but it also allows thieves to peep at the valuables inside. It could also be embarrassing or amusing for people around depending on what you are carrying around. This limited edition version will be exclusive to 14 Xiaomi Mi Home flagship stores in seven cities in China.

Xiaomi has priced the limited edition for 499 RMB or about Rs 5,000 after conversion. Interested buyers can head to the stores to make the purchase starting from November 30, 2019. A report from GizmoChina also noted that this transparent suitcase is not new. It launched a transparent suitcase as part of the Xiaomi 90 Points Suitcase lineup to celebrate the three year anniversary last year. The new transparent suitcase is only limited to China. We are not sure if and when it will make its way to India.