As we know already, Xiaomi has ended the global beta program for all its devices, but the beta branch in China continues to exist. In a recent update, the Chinese company has put in a new password manager and more into MIUI 10. Reportedly, the MIUI 10 China Beta 9.7.1 was released earlier this week on July 1. It  doesn’t have majorly upgraded features, but Xiaomi has redesigned the the settings interface, and a new password manager has been updated.

The changes in MIUI 10 Beta version number 9.7.1 could possibly be in preparation for MIUI 11. As reported by XDA, the stand out change in the Settings menu is the recommendation that now appears, prompting users to explore a related setting. It is something that we see with a lot of other manufacturers. Also in case of MIUI, this will come in handy, since there are a lot of settings and customization options.

Coming to the new password manager, it is said to offer auto-fill functionality with the new MIUI 10 beta. This is something similar to what Google introduced with Android 8.0 Oreo back last year. Both these features are presently on the Beta update in China. Xiaomi smartphone users outside the region should get it in a stable release in future.

One of the major criticisms Xiaomi has faced in the recent past is over displaying advertisements in MIUI. To an extent, it’s a planned approach to make margins from the software. The company has always claimed to keep providing great hardware at affordable prices. However, regardless of that, Xiaomi has always come under fire for the irritating ads in MIUI.

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The company recently acknowledged the anger and Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun issued a statement that they are working on a fix. Even the company’s General Manager for the Internet Services said that the company is planning to reduce the number of ads in MIUI, and users will have the option to disable advertisements.