Xiaomi is back with yet another unique product, which is called Smart Electric Bed. The Chinese smartphone maker has already launched a smart dustbin, Xiaomi Mi Suitcase Transparent Edition, FM Radio power bank, and lot more. The company is already popular for offering price-t0-performance ratio phones in India and its smart Mi TVs. Now, Xiaomi has launched its very own smart bed, which is also called 8HMilan Smart Electric Bed.

Xiaomi Smart Electric Bed details

The latest Smart Electric Bed from Xiaomi features a dual-motor mechanism. This allows users to control both the upper and lower half of the bed independently. One can also control the Smart Electric Bed with the help of buttons and voice controls. These will help users lift up the smart bed to any angle they want.

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The back of the bed is adjustable from 0 to up to 60 degrees and the legs are able to rise up to 30 degrees. Xiaomi has also added five modes, one of which is a Flat mode. The rest of them are an Anti-Snore mode, a Reading mode, a TV mode, and even a Zero-Gravity mode.

Xiaomi is claiming that the Smart Electric Bed can offer high-quality sleep at night. The brand says the bed’s controls can offer comfort and relaxation,” Gizmochina reports. As per the company, the smart bed is made from a high-strength glass fiber and alloy steel frame. “A single frame can support up to 75kg while the whole bed can support up to 1000kg. The skeleton frame has 5 partitions which are also in line with a human body’s weight distribution,” the cited source said.

The bed is also water-resistant. The company says its new product can offer uninterrupted operation for 10 years. The company’s Smart Electric Bed offers support for 8th generation Litchi tech. It is a unique fabric with a texture and luster similar to leather, but Xiaomi claims that it is stronger than leather. Xiaomi has priced its Smart Electric Bed at 1,999 Yuan in China, which is Rs 20,300 in India. The phone maker’s smart bed will be available via its crowdfunding platform starting December 3.