Xiaomi has just begun roll out of MIUI 11 for select smartphones around the world. The update brings a number of new features including some Android 10-specific features. Alongside the new features, Xiaomi is adding its own elements as part of the skinned interface. One such feature is called Sunlight Mode and it could end up being a useful addition. While most smartphones come with ambient light sensor to auto adjust brightness, not everyone might like it. If you are someone who prefers to manually change the brightness then Sunlight Mode will come handy.

With auto brightness turned off, it becomes rather difficult to see the screen under direct sunlight. It becomes difficult to see anything till the time you don’t increase the screen brightness. Xiaomi seems to have found a way to address this issue and it plans to adjust the display brightness automatically even if auto-brightness is turned off. In MIUI 11, this particular feature is called “Sunlight Mode” and is being tested by the Chinese smartphone maker. It will make it easier to look at your mobile screen even under direct sunlight.

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The feature seems to be available in Settings >> Display >> Brightness Level. It is available as second option below Automatic brightness and above Night Mode. You will be able to toggle it ON only when automatic brightness is turned off. The description for the setting reads “Adjust brightness to strong ambient light when automatic brightness is off”. In other words, if it is enabled then the display will switch to highest brightness under direct sunlight.

Photo: XDA Developers

The feature is equivalent to “high brightness mode” available on some devices. It gets triggered once the ambient light becomes too bright. The feature spotted by XDA Developers notes that Sunlight Mode triggers when the ambient lighting crosses 12,000 lux for 5 seconds. It is either reduced or set to previous state when the lighting drops below 12,000 lux for 2 seconds. The feature will definitely be useful to those who don’t use auto-brightness and struggle with display when they step out under direct sunlight.

In addition to this feature, the MIUI 11 based on Android 10 also features a whole new UI. It also brings Mi Share file transfer system, support for always-on display, digital well being and quick replies. It also brings Mi Work and other apps are enhanced as well. Xiaomi has released MIUI 11 update for Poco F1, Redmi K20 series, Redmi 5 and other devices. The update is expected to hit a few more devices in the next few days.