Google-owned YouTube has removed a video song by a popular Punjabi singer Kanwar Grewal. The song titled ‘Ailaan’ was based on ‘Farmer Protest’ that’s going on in the country. The song has garnered over 60 lakh views immediately after uploading. Farmers have been protesting at Delhi’s borders against the three agricultural laws of the central government for the last several months. At the same time, many songs and videos related to the farmers’ protest are being viral on social media after which strict action is being taken by the Indian Government. YouTube placed a notification stating – “This content is not available on this country domain due to a legal complaint from the government.”Also Read - SKM to Observe 'Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Diwas' on Nov 24

However, some users and fans of the singer uploaded the video on other channels which can still be watched on the platform. Another song named ‘Asi Vaddange’ by ‘Himmat Sandhu’ has also been removed from YouTube. The song garnered 1.3 crore since the upload. The song showed the government’s cruelty against the farmers and warned their loyalists not to enter the fields. Also Read - Farm Laws Repeal: SKM to Hold Farmers' Mahapanchayat in Lucknow On Monday

In a statement given to ‘The Wire’, music producer Himmat Sandhu said: “I noticed that the song was removed from YouTube in India three days ago. I spoke with a few people at the YouTube headquarters in California to understand why this was done. They told me that an external intervention by the Government of India was made through a legal complaint saying that the song violates certain rules and policies laid down by the Indian government.” Also Read - Farm Laws: Farmer Leaders Welcome Govt's Decision to Repeal Laws on Guru Nanak Jayanti

He added: “YouTube headquarters assured me that they will provide us with all the details via an email within 48 hours of our communication. I am awaiting their reply by the end of today, i.e February 8.”

Whereas, Grewal said towards his support for the farmers and the song: “Nothing changes for us. The song has been banned but people still hum it. The slogans are still painted on their tractors and trolleys. So nothing changes for me, commercially. We have got what we wanted.”

The decision came immediately after the central government has asked for the removal of the 1178 Pakistani-Khalistani Twitter account. The move comes days after the government directed Twitter to follow its order to delete content and accounts related to the hashtag ‘Farmer Genocide’.