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The Indo-American Association (IAA) in collaboration with Sunanda’s Performing Arts Center (SPARC) will be bringing the internationally acclaimed show Shobana’s ‘Krishna’, to Houston on May 22, at the Wortham Center. A formal kick-off for the show was hosted on Friday, Feb. 27, at the Madras Pavilion by Freedia Entertainment, an entertainment production company based in Houston that has for the last six years, presented prominent film and cultural artists from India to Houston’s Indian Americans, particularly to the Malayalee community.

The show, Shobana’s ‘Krishna’ a dance drama, is conceptualized and choreographed by Shobana, South India’s well know actress and dancer. Freedia was instrumental in bringing this show to IAA, Houston’s premier cultural organization that has staged nearly 200 concerts over the last 20 years with artists of international repute representing classical, folk, vocal, and instrumental from all regions of India.

“So far we presented every region of India except Kerala,” Dr. Hari Dayal, IAA founder said speaking on the occasion. “And because of Sunanada and Freedia we are now complete,” he added. The IAA, has earned the respect of Houstonians and today its repute is on par with institutions like the Houston Grand Opera, Houston Performing Arts and Houston Symphony over the years, Dr. Dayal mentioned.

Sunanada Nair, founder of the SPARC in Houston is highly respected as a guru and member of Indian American community in Houston for her celebrated talent as a classical dancer.

Sharing her thoughts on the show Shobana’s Krishna, she said, “It’s a little different, a little more colorful for classical dance.”

The show that depicts some aspects Lord Krishna’s charithra: His childhood playfulness, His pass times as a youth with the gopikas, and as guide and guru to Arjuna is expected to awe the audience.

“This is one theme that children grasp very quickly, they enjoy all the stories of Krishna,” Nair said. She went on to describe the super talents like Shobana Azmi (background voice), AR Rehman (music), Russell’s cinematography that were involved with the show. “We have been doing shows in small auditoriums, now it is in Wortham,” she said excitedly.

Earlier, Dr. Zachariah Thomas welcomed the guests and introduced the speakers.  Dr. Freemu Varghese spoke about Freedia, the name that came about from par his name and part that of Dias Damodar his partner who was also present on the occasion. For entertainment, Dr. Arun presented a Hindi song in his melodious voice that had the audience arrested. MyKalyan, owner David, who is also the sponsor, spoke about his company.

A video showing the promo of the show was presented prior to the dinner at the restaurant. On the occasion, various organizations: MAGH, KHS, NSS, KCCNA, MEA and media were recognized. Koshy Thoams, publisher of Voice of Asia newsweekly also spoke on the occasion assuring his support to the show. Johny Makkora proposed a Vote of Thanks and concluded the kick-off.

The organizers predict it will be over sold stating that only 1100 seats were left (out of which 200 are reserved). More over, the show will be in English which would attract a wider audience. The problem, they say, will not be about selling the remaining 900 tickets but it would certainly be difficult turning people away which is not what they intend to do.

This story originally appeared on Voice of Asia.