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Indian American student at Rutgers University Chhavi Verg has won the title of Miss New Jersey USA 2017. Also Read - Miss Virtual Kazakhstan Finalist Arina Aliyeva Disqualified After Shocking Revelation

Verg, who started on the road to beauty pageants two years as a high school senior, three pageants to achieve her dream of winning the title, though she had been dreaming of it since she was a junior or senior in high school, reported The Daily Targum.

“If I can do this, anyone else can,” she said. “It’s all about determination, grit and never losing faith in yourself.”

The Rutgers Business School sophomore decided enter the competition because she was already involved with modeling, and competed in Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2015. She said winning was important to her mainly because she saw it as a way to empower, lead and inspire others.

“I always felt that competing in pageants gave you a lot of exposure,” she said. “Winning would give you a voice to bring about change because of the following you’d have as a result of being a titleholder.”

Verg attributes her victory to preparation.

“There is a quote I learned in one of my classes at Rutgers Business School: the five P’s are Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. So there were many layers to preparing,” she said.

She prepared both physically and mentally for the contest by dieting and working out at a gym. Mental preparation took some effort as well, she said.

“This was the hardest, but most valuable of prep. I really spent a lot of time this year getting to know myself, reflecting on my strengths and weakness, and figuring out my mission in life,” Verg said. “Especially why I wanted to win and how I wanted to make a difference in the world.”

She plans to use her title this year to help causes she is passionate about, including women’s education and stopping child abuse.

“I am a huge proponent of women’s education and equality so I really would like to do appearances and talks about that,” she said.

Verg researched charities which will help girls in developing countries receive an education and help women in these countries become financially independent. Verg is looking for ways to raise money to help these women.

Verg already has plans for her next competition: Miss USA, which she will compete in next summer.

Verg said she would not be where she is today nor the woman she is today without her biggest supporters: her family and friends.

“They are my biggest cheerleaders and constantly encouraging me to keep chasing after my dreams,” she said.

After her run in pageants, Verg said she has a couple things in mind in the future.

“I would love to run my own business in either the health/fitness or beauty industry,” she said. “I have always dreamed of becoming an ambassador to help influence policy for the greater good of humanity.”

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