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Shukant Sarkar, the ex-Army doctor whose family members were found dead in an apartment in Ranchi, Jharkhand, alleged that the harassment by his daughter-in-law forced the family to commit suicide. Also Read - Viral Video: RPF Men Avert Suicide Attempt, Drag 'Depressed' Man Away From Approaching Train | Watch

The 63-year-old Sarkar and his family traveled to Ranchi from Noida where they were settled, to commit suicide, said reports.

Sarkar’s wife Anjana (62), son Sameer (35) and his daughter Samita (7), his nephew’s wife Momita (27) and her daughter Sumita (5), were found dead in a two-bedroom apartment of their relative in Ranchi on Sunday. According to the police, the family members had taken high doses of anesthesia. Sarkar was the only person found alive in the apartment with multiple wounds.

The family was depressed over the dispute with Sarkar’s daughter-in-law Madhumita and had always carried sleeping pills, said Dr. Sarkar. Apart from several syringes and prescription drugs, the police have recovered suicide notes accusing Madhumita of the suicide.

According to the police, Sarkar stabbed himself using a knife after administering deadly doses of anesthesia to other family members. Primary inquiry of police also points towards a planned suicide.

In the meanwhile, Madhumita said she had problems with her husband, but the problems could have been solved.

“My husband and in-laws had problems with me, but the problems could have been resolved. Who gave them the right to kill my child (Samita)?,” Madhumita was quoted as saying by The Indian Express.

“I do not think I can go to Ranchi. The rest of the family hates me and they will attack me. I am waiting for my father to come from Kolkata. I fear my family members will be cremated without me getting a last glimpse of them,” she added.

Madhumita married Sarkar’s son Sameer nine years back. She said that problems erupted in her marriage life after her husband’s family started to isolate her. She and her husband were on the verge of a divorce but decided to resolve their differences and start afresh.

“We decided to put the bitterness behind us last Monday. But a few days later, Sameer told me that the entire family was going to Kolkata to discuss our divorce with my father. I got a call from a friend who read about their deaths this morning. That is when I realized they had actually traveled to Ranchi, where they killed themselves. Their phones were switched off for the last three days,” said Madhumita.

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