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By: AB Wire

President Barack Obama has endorsed ‘good friend’ Raja Krishnamoorthi for the US Congress, from Illinois’ 8th congressional district.

Krishnamoorthi’s campaign released a web video on Wednesday featuring Obama. In the video, Obama urges voters to vote for his ‘good friend’ Krishnamoorthi. When Obama ran for the U.S. Senate, Krishnamoorthi served as his policy advisor.

“When I ran for the U.S. Senate, Raja helped me develop ideas for building an economy that works for everyone,” Obama says in the video. “Now Raja’s plans will help small businesses grow, raise wages, and help families pay for college.

Obama added: “The polls are open now, so don’t waste a minute. Vote Raja Krishnamoorthi for Congress.”

Krishnamoorthi has also got endorsements from major newspapers, including The Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times.

Chicago Tribune, in an editorial titled “More Tribune endorsements for U.S. House races in Illinois,” endorsed the Democrat, who ran unsuccessfully against Tammy Duckworth in the 2012 Democratic primary for same seat, saying that he is a candidate worthy of succeeding the incumbent.

Duckworth, an Iraqi war veteran, is challenging Republican US Sen. Mark Kirk.

The rival Sun-Times also endorsed Krishnamoorthi stating that he “would prioritize shoring up Social Security and Medicare; raising the minimum wage nationally; guaranteeing maternity leave and sick leave, and ensuring equal pay for equal work.”

Both newspapers agree that his decision to contest in 2012 Democratic primary against Duckworth, a war hero and who had the complete backing of her party, was a mistake. But they unanimously agree that Krishnamoorthi is the most deserving candidate to represent the 8thdistrict this time.

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