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H. R. Shah of TV Asia on Wednesday endorsed Hillary Clinton for president and said that the U.S. is “more backward” than India when it comes to a leadership role for women. Also Read - 'America Ka Neta Kaisa Ho, Joe Biden Jaisa Ho': Biden Supporters Launch Slogans in 14 Languages to Woo Indian-Americans

“The U.S. is so ‘backward” that in its 240-year history there has not been a single woman president while India, in its short history of about 70 years, has had a woman Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, in office for 15 years, and a woman president Pratibha Patil who served her full term of five years.”

Speaking at a news conference held by Indian Americans for Democrats and Friends of Hillary for President, the CEO of the largest Asian TV network in America asked the voters to elect Hillary Clinton as the first woman president. Indian Americans should be a part of the historic effort, he added.

Mike Patel, who was a member of the President’s Advisory Commission on Asians and Pacific Islanders under Bill Clinton’s presidency and former chairman of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, said that apart from contributing to election funds of politicians Indian Americans should also vote and get involved in community affairs.

Volunteers who were working to mobilize voters in several key states were provided free rooms by hotel owners as part of their involvement in the civic life of the US, Pates said.

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