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Apple continues the legacy it began with the iPhone 3GS and instead of jumping numbers every year like it did with the first ever iPhone and iPhone 3G, here comes the iPhone 6S after iPhone 6 in 2014. iPhone 6S comes with a whole lot of changes and features. While there are a few disappointing ones, overall, the device sticks pretty true to rumours and does just what the iPhone does every year - stuns us. iPhone 6S is definitely worth standing in queues for. But then, like every year, we do hope there's no new reason for the iPhone 6S to get trolled online. Meanwhile, take a look at what the device is made of.As expected, iPhone 6S comes with a 4.7-inch display. Apple has now graduated from their sapphire glass displays to their curved glass displays which they claim helps see the text better and improves display. Unfortunately, Apple did not go back to their smaller screen devices for iPhone 6S (just what made Apple, Apple) but then again, 4.7 inches is not exactly mammoth size. The phone safely remains in the "phone zone" without venturing near the "phablet zone". The iPhone 6S has also upgraded itself to 2GB RAM. Quite an achievement for Apple as while the world has moved on to 4GB, Apple still remains stuck on 1GB. iPhone 6S comes in 3 internal memory variants - 16GB, 64GB and 128GB without any memory card. With a 12MP rear end camera and a 5MP, the camera part is covered.iPhone 6S comes with some great new software features along with their touchpad and the standard Apple features. While Apple announced the iPhone 6S, it is still some time before you can lay your hands on it. And it's still a little hazy as to when will the Indians actually be able to lay their hands on the device. Needless to say, it will be a premium device in India and with the prices of the iPhone 6 dropping drastically, we are hopeful of the iPhone 6S reaching Indian shores soon.
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