Azam Khan

Azam Khan
Mohammad Azam Khan is an Indian politician and a Member of Legislative Assembly in the 16th Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh representing Rampur constituency. He is a cabinet minister and has been a Member of the Legislative Assembly for eight terms. Azam Khan has been a member of different political parties and has represented Janata Party (Secular), Lok Dal, Janata Dal and Janata Party in the legislative assembly before joining Samajwadi Party in 1993. He is a Sunni Muslim and one of the most controversial leaders of the Samajwadi Party.Born on 14th August 1948 in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh in a Sunni Muslim family, Azam Khan completed his Bachelor of Laws from Aligarh Muslim University in 1974. He worked as a lawyer before joining politics. He was first elected in 1980 during the 8th Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh representing Rampur constituency. He contested and won the election on behalf of the Janata Party (Secular). In the 9th Legislative Assembly elections of 1985, Azam Khan contested the election as a candidate of Lok Dal and won the election representing his second term. His third term as a Member of Legislative Assembly was in 10th Assembly Elections of 1989 and he contested the election as the candidate of Janata Dal. He was also a minister in the Uttar Pradesh government from 1989 to 1991. In the 11th Legislative Assembly elections of 1991, Azam Khan began his fourth term as a MLA and he was a member of Janata Party in the election. He joined Samajwadi Party in 1993 and won his fifth term as a legislative member in the 12th assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh. Since then, he has been an member of the Samajwadi Party. Azam Khan then contested the 14th assembly election in 2002 and won the election and this was his sixth term as an MLA. From 2002-2003, he was the Leader of Opposition in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly. In 2003, he was handed the post of Cabinet Minister in the Uttar Pradesh government. He again won the 2007 assembly elections and this marked his seventh term as an MLA and then again won the 2012 elections marking his eighth term as an MLA. Throughout his political career, he has represented Rampur constituency. After becoming the member of the 16th assembly in 2012, Azam Khan currently, works as the cabinet minister in the government of Uttar Pradesh. Azam Khan also was a post holder in the Samajwadi Party but in May 2009, he resigned from the general secretary post of the party. He was also expelled from the party for six years in 2009 after his opposition to the party candidate Jaya Prada. The party, however, revoked his expulsion a year later and he joined Samajwadi Party back in December 2010. In 2013, he was appointed as the Chairman of the Maha Kumbh Mela committee by the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. There were more than 30 million pilgrims who participated in the mela and returned home safely. However, almost 40 people died in a stampede outside the Kumbh Mela premises at Allahabad Junction railway station. After this incident, Azam Khan announced his resignation on moral grounds but the Chief Minister rejected his resignation stating that it wasnt his fault.Azam Khan has a history of controversies and he has always been in newspaper headlines for his sensational allegations, communal policies and abusive language. He was in the news when more than 800 Valmiki families alleged him to indirectly threaten them to convert into Islam or their homes will be demolished by the government and a mall will be made. On August 2012, he lost his temper and verbally abused an IAS officer during a meeting. During the 2014 general elections, he sparked controversies after dividing the Indian Army on the basis of religion and stated that the perks of Kargil were conquered by Muslims rather than Hindus. He also stated to take revenge against the murderers of Muzaffarnagar and later insulted Narendra Modi by calling him elder brother of a dogs son. He also stated that Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi were punished by Allah for forcibly sterilization during the Emergency period. In November 2014, he stated that Taj Mahal should be handed to Wakf board. He also arrested a Class XI student for the objectionable post against him. Azam Khan got married to Tazeen Fatma in 1981 and the couple has two sons.
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